Dr. Stone – Worth Watching?

Dr. Stone – Worth Watching?

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Airing for 25 minutes every Friday at 2:00 PM.

Dr. Stone has a lot of potential – and I feel that it was slightly wasted in the first episode. I really enjoyed the start – it was really well done in my opinion, and I also enjoyed most of the episode until it simply turns in an alcohol making contest. Whilst I see that this did have an aim at the end, it did get a little pointless and tedious – something it could have done without. Other than this, I really enjoyed the storyline of Dr. Stone – the prospect of learning what caused the event to happen is always looming, see how the pair handle their new surroundings and lives, and Taiju Ooki, one of the main characters, reach his goal.

Regarding characters, there is a small amount in Dr. Stone. You have the scientist, whose name is Senku Ishigami, Taiju Oki, the strong, oaf like character, and Yuzuriha Ogawa, who Oki has a crush on. The characters are likeable, and they work well together. The anime does well to make you hope that Ogawa is okay, as it is clear that Oki has strong feelings for her.

Art is done in an older style, somewhat like Berserk. It’s not bad, but I’m not a fan of the art style in general – you may be however. Animation is also fine, with no big issues there.

Dr. Stone is a good anime, with good potential, however I feel like it was a little wasted in the first episode. Hopefully, thinks take a turn for the better, as I can see this anime being great – so it’s worth watching, as the storyline seems like it will take a good turn soon.

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