Maidens of the Savage Season – Worth Watching?

Maidens of the Savage Season – Worth Watching?

Other names: Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

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Maidens of the Savage Season airs every Friday at 6:30 PM.

For some reason, I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime. The cast is a group of innocent high school girls, all in a literature club. Soon, after reading a book with a sex scene in it, sex is what is on their minds. The anime goes through a small slice of life of each of the girls, showing them dive into the reality of sexuality that surrounds them in high school. The story that unfolds is funny, and surprisingly entertaining.

The cast is well done – each of them have distinct features, and distinct challenges that they face, and different ways of facing these challenges. The characters all play well off each other too. There are the various types – the stern one with glasses, the cold one, the serious one, etc. I look forward to seeing how each of their stories unravel in the coming episodes.

Animation is good – there were some really clean, well done scenes. I really like the art style – it’s clean, and looks great, and background is given detail. The art and animation really adds to the anime.

Maidens of the Savage Season is a somewhat nostalgic, gripping anime that shows how innocence fades as the cast grows up. A great, and enjoyable watch – certainly recommend it.

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